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Presented by Candy Bones Theatre

Written and performed by Candy Roberts

Our character, Dr. Professor, is on a quest for a conclusion to the question, “Is it OK to make mistakes?” When taking their research to the young experts in the audience, more than a few foibles cause the doctor to continuously fail. With help from the audience, together they uncover how mistakes can help us learn and make new discoveries. Award-winning inter-arts maestro Candy Roberts performs this fun and clever story about growth mindset and the creative process through a seamless weaving of shadow puppetry, original music, tap dance and physical comedy in this fun and interactive 60-minute theatrical/workshop experience. 


Fantastic for schools AND theatres!


Grade Suitability: K to 7/ Families

Audience Capacity: 10 – 400ish

Tech setup: Ability to turn down the lights, 6ft between performer and students

Runtime: 60 minutes (includes Q & A)


For booking inquiries contact:

 (604) 253-6965

This show is also available as a virtual short film with a 30-minute online interactive workshop with Q&A

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