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Presented by Candy Roberts

Conceived, Written and Performed by: Candy Roberts

Director, Dramaturge, and Clown Coach: Sonia Norris

Additional Clown Coaching: Deanna Fleysher

Award-winning Canadian Clown Artist Candice Roberts assumes her alter ego in this daring and comedic piece about one dude’s hilarious attempt at self-improvement. With rock and roll, a little life-couching, and a dip into his own psyche, Larry uncovers a little more than anyone expected. 


Culled lovingly from the male archetypes that surrounded her during her upbringing, LARRY helps Candice compassionately examine the limitations of the gender binary, aging as a woman in society, and the complexities of being human.


This show is for anyone who is, or knows a woman. Gear-down Big-Rig, you just might bust a gut and shed a tear! 


Running time: 60 minutes/ with optional artist talkback/workshop

Rated: 18+ recommended, Nudity, Course Language, Strobe, Haze, Alcohol

Artist Statement on the creation of LARRY 

WINNER: Critic’s Pick for Outstanding New Work Orlando Winter Fest

WINNER: Edmonton’s Artist’s Pick of the Fringe

WINNER: Artistic Risk Award Vancouver Fringe 2019

WINNER: Pick of the Fringe Vancouver 2019

WINNER: Best of the Fests FRINGE ENCORE SERIES- Soho New York

LISTED as one of Colin Thomas’ SIMPLY THE BEST most meaningful theatrical experiences of 2019


Vancouver 2019 and 2023

New Orleans 2019

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A masterful, weird, poignant, gut-busting, vulnerable, and thought-provoking tour de force from Candice Roberts”- Cincinnati Fringe


“I don’t transcend in the theatre on a regular basis, but Larry opened me up and took me to a higher plane. Roberts’s clowning technique is first-rate — once she gets you laughing, she will not fucking let up.”– Colin Thomas – Simply the Best of 2019


“This superior, adult-oriented clowning comedy is far deeper than it first appears. It’s funny, weird and telling — with something important to say.”- Orlando Weekly


“A bare-bones, outrageously funny send-up and exploration of gender, gender roles, masculinity, stereotypes and affirmation”– René Grayre, Show-score, NYC


“Larry is leaning SO heavily into hyper-masculine stereotypes while he journeys to be a woke guy, that you do want to NOT like this dad joke-making, out of touch, over the top, clown. But that is just it. Roberts is a PRO clown, bringing so much to this character and making such an unlikeable, stereotypical person very lovable and very personal. Because it’s a gut-busting story that challenges the extremes and limitations of the gender binary told through a woman playing a man discovering his inner woman. This story uses comedy to very compassionately look inside the complexity of character, misogyny, and stereotypes.” -Riot Mueller, New Orleans Box Office


“This is a daring, weird, hilarious show with head banging, so basically everything you could want.” —the Georgia Straight


 “GO SEE THIS F*CKING SHOW. I laughed so hard I cried, and then I cried some more—for entirely different reasons.“- #YEGARTSINREVIEW


“a highly skilled physical comedian, and, as you’ll see in the course of Larry, her bravery is virtually unlimited” – Liz Nichols


“A fearless performer”– CBC


⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Impressive theatrical understanding and an enormous amount of social context”- Winnipeg Free Press

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