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Title IDEAS BOBERT WHITE shadow.png

Presented by Candy Bones Theatre

Conceived, written, and performed by Candy Roberts

Director and Clown coach:  Jan Henderson

What happens if we deny our deepest dreams and desires? Bobert is a silent character a la Charlie Chaplin who has a little red bird for a heart. His story asks us, what happens if we are to deny our deepest dreams and desires? Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, Bobert discovers his heart to be more important than he knew. 


Ideas Bobert is a clown tour de force of comedy and conundrum created and performed by award-winning multidisciplinary artist Candy Roberts. With vintage silent film styling, shadow puppetry, stop motion animation projections, dance and live music, the wordless world of Ideas Bobert is rich with magic and creativity. Like Ginger Rogers meets Mr. Bean on the Muppet show, Ideas Bobert dances with the hilariously absurd.


A Heart-Fluttering Physical Comedy from the creative mind behind LARRY, OOPSIE! And upcoming BIG CHRONE ENERGY

IDEAS BOBERT is a Theatre for Young Audiences presentation from CANDY BONES THEATRE (more information on Candy's other TYA work here)

★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press 

"Anyone with a curious heart will find theirs a flutter watching Ideas Bobert”


★★★★ CBC Winnipeg

“Charming and skillfully performed”

“Ideas Bobert is a leap into a silent-movie that you will be very reluctant to ever leave. Heartwarming and hilarious, inventive and inspiring... will leave you with your eyes popping and your heart flying high” The Visitorium

“A beautifully crafted performance. There were moments when you could feel the entire venue collectively holding its breath in anticipation.” Jacquie Dawson, Manager - Max Cameron Theatre 

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