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NEW project

Making The Crone Cool Again. 


Are you giving less and less f#@ks for that which no longer serves you? Do you care about being kind, and not so much about being nice? Are you cultivating your inner knowing and quiet wisdom? Are you allowing yourself to be seen all of your glorious imperfections? Are you illuminating shame and anxiety into oblivion? 


Then you my friend, are on your way to BIG CRONE ENERGY!


Big Crone Energy is a growing movement in which I, Candy Roberts, am excitedly delving into as my next theatrical project.


As an over-fifty-year-old human socialized as femme I lovingly refer to myself as a BABY CRONE. I’m intending this project to be a catalyst towards a cultural shift in the way our society understands ageing for women. It is my hope to blaze trails in this growing movement for people to know and honour the value of experienced elder women as well as support us in mastering our own formidable BIG CRONE ENERGY. 


I am calling out  to my baby crones, and spirited and wise women elders! Do you have a story to tell?  


I’d love to hear from you.

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